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Dealing with vertigo and/or dizziness? Want a natural, drug-free, healthy alternative? We can help! We offer vertigo treatment in Austin.

Ever have this feeling? That the room is spinning around you or you yourself are spinning? This is what is called vertigo which is a subtype of dizziness. Vertigo can severely affect balance and quality of a person’s life. That is why you need to seek vertigo treatment if you are experiencing dizziness.

Vertigo is a symptom or body signal that can be associated with Meniere’s Disease along with hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), nausea or inner ear pressure also described as ear fullness. This poorly understood conglomerate of symptoms has poor clinical outcomes with the variety of medical treatments used to control them, but do not address the potential causes of the disorder.

An overlooked fact is that many of the people that suffer from these types of symptoms have had prior neck trauma. This association may be missed, because the trauma/accident can have occurred up to 15 years prior to the body giving signal of a problem.

The upper cervical spine is one of the most delicate and important areas of the spine. This area consists of the top 2 bones of the neck, the Atlas and Axis vertebra, which surround the brain stem and upper portion of the spinal chord. It is susceptible to injury due to the fact that there are no interlocking joints in this area, as there are with the rest of the spine. This area is merely held together by soft tissues: cartilage, ligaments and muscles.

This is also one of the most neurologically rich areas of the body. This is why there are certain chiropractors that focus on extremely specific diagnostic testing and the correction of this fragile and impactful location. A precise adjustment delivered at the right time and in the correct vector can have huge implications on one’s health.

Upper cervical is one of the most published and researched factions of chiropractic. Upper cervical chiropractors have had many successes with people suffering from vertigo, dizziness, headaches, ear aches, ear infections and other ailments that have neurological implications stemming from the brain stem.

A chiropractor named Dr Michael T. Burcon published a paper in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research in 2012 showing dramatic reduction of symptoms in subjects diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease. In 136 of 139 a whapping 97% had incredible results with upper cervical specific chiropractic adjustments.

Just recently in our office in the Village Shopping Center in North Central Austin, where we practice using the Orthospinology Technique. We had a full blown Meniere’s Disease that had incredible results through the work we did with him. Many others have had relief from vertigo and dizziness on a regular basis here in our Austin Life Chiropractic location.