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We’ve all seen someone like this, right? Hi, I’m Dr. Summer, and here at Austin Life we call this text neck. Brooklyn here is a patient with us, and she struggles with migraines, headaches, neck pain and even upper back pain. You can see here, she’s flexed down to look at her phone. This causes a lot of tension in this upper back area. Her head’s really heavy like a bowling ball, so anywhere from 7 to 11 pounds. You can imagine with her head flexed forward that puts so much pressure from the weight of her head to her spine.

A simple trick to fix this is, Brooklyn I’m going to have you just raise your arms right up here. Perfect, so now that we can see naturally her head goes back to what’s considered a normal, or proper posture. Her ears are in level with her shoulders, and that’s going to decrease the neck pain that she experiences, as well as those headaches and migraines. If you ever see someone like this, help a friend out. Just have them raise their arms up. Here at Austin Life we’re living our best life.